Leaders in the field of bonding and sealant technology, we deliver intelligent solutions for our clients.

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Here's a whistle-stop tour of how we meet a client challenge, from continuous development to high-quality on-site manufacturing, via vigorous testing and the highest level of quality control. Follow the journey to an intelligent solution…

Forgeway is a collaborative manufacturer - every one of our products has been developed in our on-site labs in response to a client problem. Because of our obsession with continuous development, our solutions aren’t just fit for purpose, they’re fit for tomorrow.

At the forefront of adhesive technology, we specialise in epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate and MS Polymer chemistries. Backed by EN 9100:2009 and BS EN ISO 9001:2009 QMS ensuring full traceability, Forgeway offers proven solutions in a range of industry sectors.


Primerless adhesives and sealants for mass transport and construction The development of truly primerless adhesive technology has enabled manufacturers to reduce costs, work in progress and total life cost. What’s more, our FORMOA range can be matched to any colour.


Structural Adhesives and Ultra Low Density Void Fillers Our AEROK range of class-leading structural epoxy adhesives have been designed for maximum engineering performance in terms of lap shear and peel strength, durability and performance at extreme temperatures.


A range of structural two component adhesives for bonding. PUROK range has been formulated to bring the best features of many different adhesive chemistries together to provide strong, flexible, temperature resistant durable bonds that can withstand extreme conditions throughout the world.


Permanent, temporary and peelable protective coatings and treatments FiST is a complete range of environmentally-friendly coatings giving short, medium or long term protection as required, and including temporary peelable and washable coatings, porosity sealers and protection against corrosion.


High performance structural bonding and gasket tapes The FORBOND range is spilt into two categories: double sided tapes for bonding and sealing developed to suit specific materials and climatic conditions, and high performance structural epoxy for laminating and bonding.


Fire retardant adhesives and coatings for product assembly PYROK products are two-component polyurethane hybrid adhesives with full FST performance for bonding plastics and metals in aerospace and mass transportation applications, with a range of cure speeds and colour matched to suit livery.

Bonding in Mass Transit and Commercial Vehicle Bodies with Formoa 017FE

As a manufacturer of both rigid and flexible adhesive systems, we have found that when it comes to bonding mass transit and commercial vehicles, our flexible Formoa 017FE is the best solution. Using Formoa 017FE (with its 300 – 500% elongation) eliminates any concerns over twisting, bumping and rolling etc because the flexible adhesive absorbs […]

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Technical insight 009: Cartridge Wastage

Tired of running out of cartridges even after working out how many you thought you’d need? Not only is this annoying and time consuming, but it’s also avoidable. Instead of having to throw a half-empty tube away at the end of the day, extrude a centimetre or so of sealant out of the nozzle and […]

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Product Focus 009: Purok VX67-15

Our customers have been searching for a new way to disguise the bond line of components and composites without compromising on adhesion or production throughput. Enter VX67 – a unique hybrid structural adhesive with a long open time whilst maintaining a snap set fast cure speed. Purok VX67-15 is a two component, hybrid toughened structural […]

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