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The Formoa® range is the development of truly primerless adhesive and sealant technology for all industries. It’s reduced manufacturing costs, work in progress and total life cost. Our Formoa range can also be matched to any colour.


The Aerok® range of structural epoxy adhesives and ultra low-density void fillers have been designed for maximum engineering performance. They cover lap shear and peel strength, durability and performance at extreme temperatures.


The Purok® range is a structural two-component adhesive for bonding. It brings the best features of different adhesive chemistries to provide strong, flexible, temperature resistant bonds that withstand extreme conditions worldwide.


Fist® is a complete range of environmentally-friendly coatings giving short, medium or long-term protection as required. Including temporary peelable and washable coatings, porosity sealers and protection against corrosion.


The Forbond® range is split into two: Double-sided tapes for bonding and sealing for specific materials and climatic conditions, and high-performance structural epoxy for laminating and bonding.


Pyrok® products are two-component polyurethane hybrid fire retardant adhesives with full FST performance. Used for bonding plastics and metals in aerospace and transportation, with colour matching and different cure speeds.

Planning for the Cold

With winter on its way here in the Northern Hemisphere, we wanted to offer you some helpful tips on how to store your adhesive throughout those colder months. Have a look at our latest infographic to find out how… 

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Structural Adhesive Processes

We've taken a closer look into the production process at Forgeway to see just what any one of batch of epoxy, polyurethane or hybrid polymer adhesives and sealants will produce every time...

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A Day in The Life of a Production Compounder

You might be wondering, “what is a Production Compounder?” – well, these are the guys that ensure the production process for each product is the highest possible quality. They’re the people that manufacture all our structural adhesives, on-site, in our head office plant.

We wanted to delve into the life of a Production Compounder (PC) a little more, so donning a pair of steel toe-caps, and a high-vis jacket, we met with one of our PC’s to find out what it’s really like working in the factory, and how each day can differ from the previous. Meet Scott Franks…

When did you first start working at Forgeway?

"It was 18 months ago on 4 of January 2015. Not that I’m being precise!"

How would you best describe your job?

"It’s a great job, but very messy, dusty, and hot! Being in a production environment involves manual labour and as a part of health and safety there are certain items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which must be worn. Such as boiler suits, dust masks and heavy-duty safety footwear – all of which, whilst offering great protection, tend to be a bit hot and sweaty!"

What does a normal day look like for you?

"A typical day is busy, rushing around. I’ll look to see what ‘s happened the night before to ensure that all bases are covered and that the mixers have been running smoothly overnight.

"The remainder of the day involves the actual production process. Weighing raw materials, checking mixers, watching mix times, etc. We work shifts in the production hall, so it can mean working between the hours of 6am – 6pm. Doing this means we can achieve more in a week, and get more batches ready to be shipped. For me personally, the early shift is a great one as it means I get to spend more time with my family in the evenings."

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

"Knowing that we’ve met or exceeded targets at the end of the week! It’s also motivating to know that the products we produce here in South Devon actually go all over the world and are used to stick buses, trucks and home delivery vehicles (to name a few) together."

What is your biggest achievement at Forgeway?

"I’d have to say I’ve learnt a lot since working here. The culture of continuous learning and development is great as it helps you to learn more and widen your knowledge."

What has been your biggest challenge at Forgeway?

"This is probably more of a personal challenge to be honest, but I’m dyslexic so learning has always been a challenge. All throughout school there was never any real support, they just thought I was being difficult, but I’ve learnt so much since working here and that has really helped me both in and outside of work."

How has working at Forgeway helped you to achieve some of your life goals?

"I think the emphasis Forgeway places on learning and development has really helped me. I’ve read a lot since coming here and improved my general knowledge. Also, learning more about the raw materials and production processes has been a great journey.

"Forgeway is a great company to work for and always willing to help you out with things outside of work, allowing you to change your hours or take time off when its needed for whatever reason. You also get recognised and rewarded for doing well, which is an added extra!"

So it turns out that working in production is pretty hot and sweaty – but great fun! If you’re interested in finding out more about Forgeway and other areas of the business, fill in a quick enquiry form and let us know today.

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