Bonded body home delivery vehicles lighten the load

Clients ask us to help them improve the appearance, durability and productivity of their home delivery vehicles. Forgeway have met the challenge, supporting the manufacture of bonded truck bodies and delivering weight reduction, fuel savings, increased speed and, ultimately, increased productivity.

Old-style riveted body vehicles have been the industry standard for years, but we’ve been more interested in meeting the demand for bonded bodies. In comparison, the benefits are numerous. The appearance of bonded bodies is vastly improved by matching the adhesive to the body colour for a seamless finish. Bonded vehicles are proven to have improved durability and production speed, and vastly reduced water ingress in the finished vehicle.

Apart from being physically lighter, bonding allows manufacturers to use lighter panels and thinner extrusions. This means the end result is substantially lighter than its riveted counterpart, cutting manufacturing costs immediately and reducing running costs in the long term.

Forgeway makes sure its products are as efficient and technically advanced as possible – that’s why we’re not content with current levels of weight reduction. Our FORMOA bonding products are currently undergoing further development in order to make them even lower in density, thereby further decreasing the weight of a bonded body.

We can also offer over 140 colours to match your required body colour, and if you can’t find the right solution within our range, we’ll manufacture bespoke product specifically matched to your substrate or colour reference.