Bonding Load-Lok with Formoa

With the drive to increase payloads and reduce vehicle weight, many body-builders have opted to use lighter panels and cappings and other sub-components, without changing their build method – this can then cause problems as the mechanical fasteners cannot get a secure fixing into the composite panel.

The answer to this problem is to bond the Load-Lok to the sidewall, but this in itself can cause problems. Most vehicle builders have never been told what product to use, how to prepare it and what a successful bond looks like, this can result in customers complaining of LoadLok debonding and other problems.

Forgeway now do on-site testing for customers bonding load-Lok and are able to eliminate the problems of failed load-lok by giving practical training on your shop floor.

Did you know – bonded Load-lok can achieve more than 3500Kg of static load without any fixings? contact us today to get some trials arranged.