How much do Forgeway Formoa adhesives cost?

When it comes to finding out the cost of products, it is sometimes impossible to find an answer without having to get in touch with the supplier. 

This is particularly the case when you are looking to purchase a product that can vary so much. MS polymer adhesives are one type of this product. 

Here at Forgeway, we manufacture our own MS polymer adhesive product called Formoa. As a very rough estimate, we would say that Formoa will cost you around £8.50 for a 290ml cartridge, or £13.50 for a 600ml foil ‘sausage’. However, there are so many variables that will affect this price. The costs we mentioned are averages, and these prices will fluctuate depending on a multitude of different factors.

But we know that when looking to purchase an MS polymer adhesive, the supplier will likely tell you “it depends”. And while the price of MS polymer adhesives does depend on so many variables, it is so frustrating to not get a straight answer. That’s why we wrote this article. 

We will walk you through the different variables that affect the price of our MS polymer adhesives (Formoa). We will then discuss what else you need to consider when purchasing MS polymer adhesives. And finally, we will discuss the actual cost of our different Formoa options.

What affects the price of Formoa and MS polymer adhesives?

On the quest to eliminate the “it depends” answer, we will go through the different things that are likely to affect the price of Formoa.

The different factors that will affect the price of MS polymer adhesives are:

  • What you are using the adhesive for
  • What packaging you choose
  • The quantity you are ordering

These are controllable factors that will affect the price of MS polymer adhesives. However, the same supply issues that are impacting other industries and products could also affect the supply of raw ingredients for MS polymer adhesives. 

Other adhesive and sealant products like silicone have seen a rapid increase in price over the last year. Some of the raw materials for MS polymer adhesives have been in short supply but not as much as silicone. 

Supply issues are affecting multiple products and industries

However, silicone’s sharp increase shows just how susceptible any adhesive product is to supply issues. So this is something you should watch out for when considering the price of MS polymer adhesives.

What are you using Formoa for?

The Formoa range is very broad. The type of application you need the Formoa for will affect the cost. The different types of applications are:

  • Seal and bond – Excellent sealant abilities with the ability to bond too. But they don’t achieve very high strengths.
  • Bond and seal – Excellent ability to bond as well as sealant abilities.
  • Structural/High-strength – You can use the highest strength MS polymer adhesives as structural adhesives
  • Glass bonding – Glass bonding is renowned for being difficult. Specialist formulations of Formoa can achieve high strength when bonding glass.
  • Colour matching – MS polymers are very easy to colour-match. All of the Formoa products we provide can be colour-matched to whatever colour you require. However, colour matching will increase the cost significantly.

We discuss the cost of the different types of Formoa products below. But the list above puts them in price order.

What packaging does the adhesive come in?

Formoa comes in a variety of packaging. The type of packaging you choose will obviously affect the overall price of the MS polymer adhesive.

The two main types of packaging are: 

  • 290ml plastic cartridges
  • 600ml foil pack ‘sausages’
Foil Pack vs Cartridge
Cartridge or Foil ‘sausage’ is the packaging of choice

Bespoke 400ml foil ‘sausages’ and 250kg drums are also available upon request. You can also get thinner plastic cartridges that contain 310ml of adhesive which cost the same but contain more adhesive or sealant. However, using a 310ML cartridge will affect the shelf life.

Plastic cartridges will cost the most because they contain the least amount of adhesive, and the actual cartridges themselves are expensive. On the other hand, foil ‘sausages’ are a much more cost-effective option because the foil packaging itself costs less. The foil pack can also hold a greater amount of the adhesive product.

How much Formoa are you ordering?

As with most products, the more you order, the cheaper it becomes. Formoa is exactly the same. Smaller quantities will cost more. The larger the order, the extra costs like shipping and production costs will be reduced.

The larger quantity orders will cost less

As a guide, we would say that the cost reduces by 2.5% per batch (batch is a pallet). 

On the other hand, if you only order the minimum order quantity (48 cartridges/foil sausages) you will pay more due to the extra shipping and production costs.

What other costs do you need to consider with MS polymer adhesives?

There are so many different things you need to consider when analysing adhesive cost. The Formoa product is only part of the overall cost. You need to consider other factors too. 

  • Training of staff – Formoa can sometimes be difficult to work with. The operatives applying Formoa may need training on how to use it and get a good finish. We provide training (cost varies depending on order size) if you require it.
  • Ancillary equipment – Applicators, cleaning tools, and application aids (like clamps) are all examples of ancillary equipment you may need. Most companies will have these instruments and tools already, however, we will help you select the right equipment you need (if you need it).
  • Cleaning/preparation equipment – Whilst Formoa is fully primerless, there are still some occasions where you may need to use a primer. Low surface energy plastics are a typical example of where you will need to use a primer to ensure a strong bond with Formoa. As long as we know your specific application before you purchase Formoa, we will inform you of any preparation equipment you will need.
  • Delivery – Orders above £1500 will get free delivery (in the UK only). And yes, Formoa is non-flammable making it easier to transport than other adhesives, but we calculate the cost of international delivery at the point of shipping.

So how much will Formoa cost me?

The cost of Formoa obviously depends on what application you are bonding, and what packaging you choose. However, we can provide the price of what each product would cost if you were to order the minimum order quantity (48 cartridges or foil ‘sausages’).

Formoa seal and bond:

  • Formoa 063:
    • £8.22 per 290ML plastic cartridge
    • £12.17 per 600ML foil pack
  • Formoa 760:
    • £9.00 per 290ML plastic cartridge
    • £13.36 per 600ML foil pack

Formoa bond and seal:

  • Formoa 066
    • £8.63 per 290ML plastic cartridge
    • £13.11 per 600ML foil pack
  • Formoa 064 
    • £8.46 per 290ML plastic cartridge
    • £12.84 per 600ML foil pack

Formoa high-strength:

  • Formoa 017FE:
    • £8.88 per 290ML plastic cartridge
    • £13.62 per 600ML foil pack
  • Formoa 095:
    • £8.90 per 290ML plastic cartridge
    • £12.17 per 600ML foil pack

Formoa glass bonding:

  • Formoa screen extra 2:
    • £10.03 per 290ML plastic cartridge
    • £15.01 per 600ML foil pack
  • Formoa 055:
    • £9.60 per 290ML plastic cartridge
    • £14.28 per 600ML foil pack
  • Formoa screen:
    • £9.21 per 290ML plastic cartridge
    • £13.98 per 600ML foil pack

Formoa colour-match:

  • Formoa 010:
    • £10.88 per 290ML plastic cartridge
    • £15.83 per 600ML foil pack

As you can see, the price will vary depending on the application you need to use Formoa for. You also need to bear in mind that this price is adjustable depending on the order size.

Putting the Formoa price into context

When considering the price of any adhesive, there are so many different things you need to consider. Formoa is no different. As we have described, there are so many different price variations depending on the application and the extra equipment you need.

Here at Forgeway, we manufacture and supply over 3000 tonnes of adhesive products every year. Formoa is one of our most popular products. 

Our team can help you find the correct Formoa product for you and help you establish any other equipment you may need. We understand that price is one of the most important considerations during the buying process. We want to help you find the right Formoa product at the right price for you.

If you want to explore the different Formoa options, you can check out our Formoa range on the website.

Alternatively, if you want a member of our team to help you our, click on the banner below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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