Formoa 760 product review: The sprayable sealant

You’ve reached the point where you want to find out more information about Formoa 760. The technical data sheet gives you all the technical information, but you want to know what that information actually means.

Here at Forgeway, we manufacture a range of industrial adhesives and sealants. Formoa 760 is a product from our range of MS polymer adhesives and sealants. We know the product inside out; the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

That’s why we wrote this article. We want to give you the information you need about Formoa 760. This article will discuss the definition, the pros, and the cons.

By the end of the article, you will have a better idea if Formoa 760 is a good fit for you.

What is Formoa 760?

Formoa 760 is an MS polymer-based adhesive and sealant. It is very low viscosity meaning it is sprayable and brushable. Its characteristics mean you can either use it to bond or seal although Formoa 760 is primarily a sealant.

Formoa 760 comes in a 290ml cartridge or 200l drum and usually comes in black or grey. You will also need specialist spraying applicators to apply the adhesive. 

Foil pack v Cartridge
Formoa 760 primarily comes in a 290ml cartridge

There is the option to colour-match Formoa 760 to any colour you need. But, you will need to order over 2300 cartridges or 3 drums to qualify for colour-matching. You can also get Formoa 760 AC which has anti-corrosion properties.

Technical specs of Formoa 760

Mix RatioSingle component 290ml cartridge
StrengthTensile – 1.6 Mpa
Shear – 1.2 Mpa
FlexibilityShore A hardness – 65 Duros
Elongation at break – 150%
Cure timeWorking/open time – 13 mins

What are the advantages of using Formoa 760?

Formoa 760 has several advantages. The advantages listed here are in comparison to other similar products on the market. 

Very high abrasion resistance

Companies will often use Formoa 760 to protect the underside of their vehicles. The reason for this is to ensure the adhesive protects the underbody from damage. 

There are wax-based alternatives that you could use instead of Formoa 760. These wax-based sealants do not have the same level of abrasion resistance. Formoa 760’s shore A rating of 65 duros means it doesn’t easily get damaged. 

This hardness also means that Formoa 760 doesn’t crack up and flake off in cold weather. Wax-based products are prone to degradation in the cold weather.

Formoa 760 won’t damage the environment

Some sprayable sealants and adhesives contain hazardous chemicals. Formoa 760 doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients. This means you don’t have to worry about overspray causing harm to anyone or anything.

Formoa 760 is environmentally friendly
Formoa 760 will not damage the environment

Formoa 760 will stick to most surfaces

Whilst it obviously struggles to bond to problematic surfaces like low surface energy plastics, Formoa 760 will bond to pretty much all surfaces. Bonding rubber flooring to plywood? What about sealing the underside of a vehicle with its various metals and materials? Yes and yes, Formoa 760 bonds to all of those.

It has high strength

Formoa 760 has a tensile strength of 1.6Mpa which is significantly higher than the strength of other sprayable sealants. This means you can also use it for bonding. As we mentioned in the point above, you can use Formoa 760 to bond floor coverings in place.

The strength means you can use it for a wide variety of applications.

Formoa 760 AC can help prevent corrosion

You can get an anti-corrosive version of Formoa 760. The obvious benefits are that it helps prevent the metal you are sealing from corroding.

So if you are using 760 to seal metal in an exterior application, the anti-corrosive properties will help prevent the metal from corroding. As the image shows below, the anti-corrosive version didn’t corrode at all where the sealant was applied. It also helped prevent corrosion from taking place around the sealant.

What are the disadvantages of using Formoa 760?

Formoa 760 doesn’t have a far-reaching spray

Unlike its wax-based alternatives, Formoa 760 can’t spray very far. Some wax-based sprayable sealants can spray up to 1 metre. On the other hand, Formoa 760 will usually have a maximum spraying distance of around 350mm. Sometimes you may reach distances of 450mm. On average, you can expect it to reach 350mm.

This is a problem if you want to put the coating on something that isn’t easily accessible. You have to get close to the application to apply Formoa 760.

It isn’t cheap

Formoa 760 has very little filler in the ingredients. This means it has a high concentration of polymer. Polymer isn’t cheap. You can expect Formoa 760 to cost more than its wax-based alternatives.

Formoa 760 isn’t aesthetically pleasing

If the sealant or coating you are applying is going to be visible, you may have to get comfortable with the idea that Formoa 760 provides an unsmooth finish. This finish won’t improve the aesthetic of the end product.

A wax-based coating would be a better option in this instance.

Formoa 760 from a customer’s perspective

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the customer’s name for confidentiality reasons. So you’ll have to trust that we haven’t just made this up. We recently helped a large manufacturing company replace a very similar adhesive product with Formoa 760. 

They were purchasing a silane-modified polymer adhesive (just like Formoa 760) from a large adhesive manufacturer. However, they were experiencing supply chain issues and wanted to explore alternatives. 

We gave them the product and they came back with this response. “The initial review has determined that there are some beneficial qualities for Formoa 760 over [a very similar sprayable MS polymer we can’t name for legal reasons] for your information…

  • Density is lower
  • Shore hardness is almost double
  • Overall tensile strength is greater”

So it’s not just as that say this product is better than most alternatives. Our customers say it too. 

Where can you use Formoa 760?

Formoa 760 is a hybrid between a sealant and an adhesive. This means you could use it for bonding and sealing. However, most of our customers use the product as a coating to protect from damage. 

The anti-corrosive variant of this product makes it ideal for use as an external product too. Not only does it protect against damage, but it will also help reduce the risk of corrosion.

There are several typical applications where you could use Formoa 760:

  • Sealing the underbody of transportation vehicles
  • Bonding flooring in commercial vehicles
  • Seam sealing a welded joint (Formoa 760 AC is perfect for this)
  • Protecting arches from stone chips
Formoa 760 sealing the underbody of a vehicle

Is Formoa 760 a good fit for you?

So now you know the details about Formoa 760, it’s time to determine whether it’s a good fit for you. It may not be that easy though. 

Here at Forgeway, we manufacture Formoa 760. We know that it’s a fantastic product but it may not always be a good fit.

Formoa 760 is a good fit for you if:

  • You need a sprayable sealant to protect the underside of your vehicle
  • You need to protect a welded seam from corrosion
  • You need to bond dissimilar materials in a flooring application
  • You need a coating that will also dampen vibrations and sound

Formoa 760 is not a good fit for you if:

  • The coating is going to be visible
  • You need the coating to stick to low surface energy plastics
  • You need the spray to travel over long distances (more than one metre)

If you are still unsure, don’t worry. Click below to find out some more key information about Formoa 760. If it looks like a good fit for you, you can get in touch with us.

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