Bond whatever you want with the right industrial adhesive

We aren’t just adhesive manufacturers, we help you achieve peace of mind through testing and custom manufacturing.

Be truly confident you have chosen the right bonding method and improved your process.

Optimised adhesive solutions to suit your needs

Don’t depend on ‘off-the-shelf’ packages to fix your requirements.

Gain internal knowledge and retain your confidence in adhesives.

Get trained and educated on adhesives so that you become confident and competent.

Exploit lost opportunity costs

Warranty costs

Incorrect application

Kit supply opportunities


Don’t let resistance to change hold you back from profitability.

We get it – resistance to change is high and getting stakeholder buy-in is difficult. But here’s what can happen to your profitability if you don’t change:

  • Your reputation is damaged from poor quality
  • Your warranty costs increase
  • Incorrect application can lead to failure
repeatability in the bonding process

Handling strength of an adhesive

Now you realise it is more than just the adhesive product…

You’re at the point where you realise it is about the adhesive process rather than the product. Here’s what we offer to help you get it right and maximise profitability:

  • Material/substrate maintenance – Whenever you change substrates or materials – you need to ensure bonding properties haven’t changed
  • Operator training – The success of the product is in the people – we’ll teach you how to use the adhesive
  • On-site Auditing – Ensuring your processes are being followed correctly

Here’s how you find the right product.

Step 1

Discovery call:

Book a call to discuss your challenges or opportunities.

What is a discovery meeting?

Step 2

Solution presentation:

Agree a plan of implementation.

What is a solutions presentation?

Step 3

Enjoy repeatable and reliable bonding processes:

Engage production operators with training and informative onsite auditing

View the Forgeway product range here:


The Formoa® range is the development of truly primerless adhesive and sealant technology for all industries. It’s reduced manufacturing costs, work in progress and total life cost. Our Formoa range can also be matched to any colour.


The Aerok® range of structural epoxy adhesives and ultra low-density void fillers have been designed for maximum engineering performance. They cover lap shear and peel strength, durability and performance at extreme temperatures.


The Purok® range is a structural two-component adhesive for bonding. It brings the best features of different adhesive chemistries to provide strong, flexible, temperature resistant bonds that withstand extreme conditions worldwide.


Fist® is a complete range of environmentally-friendly coatings giving short, medium or long-term protection as required. Including temporary peelable and washable coatings, porosity sealers and protection against corrosion.


The Forbond® range is split into two: Double-sided tapes for bonding and sealing for specific materials and climatic conditions, and high-performance structural epoxy for laminating and bonding.


Pyrok® products are two-component polyurethane hybrid fire retardant adhesives with full FST performance. Used for bonding plastics and metals in aerospace and transportation, with colour matching and different cure speeds.

See what our customers say:

“The products we are getting from Forgeway are far superior to anything we have had in the past.

Shaun, Princess Yachts

“The production process needs to be so simple that a new starter can pick it up quickly without weeks of extensive training.

Brian, Lawrence David

We know you want to be truly confident that your product will not fail.

In order to do that, you need glue that you know how to use well. But there’s a problem. You are facing resistance to change from stakeholders. This leaves you feeling at risk.

However, we believe that the way you’ve always done things shouldn’t be a barrier to change. We understand you can see the size of the problem, but others can’t yet. They don’t want to acknowledge there is a problem.

This is why we’ll work with you to take a holistic approach. Together, we’ll solve the problem.

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The Fundamentals of adhesives

There is a step by step methodology behind how we work and each step must not be confused, bypassed or viewed on its own (see chapter 1 of The Fundamentals of Adhesives)