How much do industrial adhesives really cost?

Finding out the price of industrial adhesives can be like navigating a maze. Cut out the fluff and find the real answers about the cost of industrial adhesives.

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Simplify the cost of industrial adhesives

Of course, you want to know how much your adhesive will cost. Rightly or wrongly, the cost is one of the biggest factors in the decision-making process.

At Forgeway, we prioritise honesty and like to be 100% transparent when it comes to our pricing.

Usually, companies will give you the ‘it depends’ answer to pricing.

There’s no shying away from the fact adhesive price depends on so many different variables.

We want to simplify pricing for you.

You will have clear guidance on the cost of industrial adhesives.

Your overall cost will depend on these factors

It’s hard to find an exact price if you don’t know your requirements. You need to know exactly what you’re after.
But, below you’ll find the top 3 factors that impact industrial adhesive pricing. It will give you an idea of what drives costs up or down.

What the adhesive is made out of?

The ‘base chemistry’ of an adhesive could vary massively. Epoxy, acrylic, and hybrid polymer-based chemistries are a few examples.

The price of an adhesive will depend largely on its base chemistry.

You can expect structural epoxies and acrylic adhesives to cost more than hybrid polymer-based adhesives.

How much adhesive you need?

The amount of product you purchase will directly affect the cost per unit pricing.
This is partly due to transport costs but is also down to the economies of scale in production.
As the order volume increases, the cost per unit decreases. One bulk order will cost you less per unit than several small orders.

Specification and certifications

It will come as no surprise that specification plays a big part in the cost of industrial adhesives.

Added strength?
Increased cure speed?
Higher grab?
These are examples of the types of specifications you might require.

When you require the product to meet certain certifications and specifications, the cost will increase even more.

The real cost of Industrial adhesives

Below are price ranges for our most popular adhesives.
These prices are intended as a guide but we hope they give you an idea of how much you can expect the adhesive to cost.

Formoa Cost - MS polymer adhesives

Formoa is our range of MS Polymer adhesives and sealants.

Formoa cartridges cost between £5-£16

Purok cost - acrylic adhesives

Purok is our range of methyl methacrylate and acrylic adhesives.

Purok adhesives cost up to £65 per 490ml cartridge

Aerok cost - epoxy adhesives

Aerok is our range of epoxy structural adhesives and void fillers.

Aerok adhesives will cost up to £30 per 100ml

Pyrok Cost - polyurethane adhesives

Pyrok is our range of structural and contact polyurethane adhesives.

Pyrok adhesives can cost up to £20 per 100ml

Industrial Adhesive Pricing FAQ's

The cost of an industrial adhesive solution isn’t as straightforward as people may think.

We hope that by being as transparent and honest as possible, you’ve been able to walk away with answers to all your questions regarding pricing and how it relates to your type of site.

However, there are likely a few more questions you still want to know the answer to.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

The prices listed on this page are for guidance purposes only. Large order quantities, fewer specifications, and fewer certification requirements will bring adhesive cost down.

When ordering from Forgeway, you will benefit from complimentary services such as auditing, technical support, and training.

The extent of these services will depend on your order size.

As with most products at the moment, adhesive prices are rising. Covid and global conflict have caused supply issues for vital materials. The cost of raw materials has risen resulting in the cost of the adhesives rising too.

Forgeway isn’t the only adhesive manufacturer. If you want to know where else you could purchase your industrial adhesives, read our article on Top Adhesive Manufacturers UK.


Nonetheless, if you want exact pricing for industrial adhesives you can trust, fill in the form below.

When it comes to purchasing industrial adhesives, there are several things you should look out for. Training, technical support, and auditing are rarely included in the total cost but there are many other things that are often overlooked.


Readout article for more information on what to consider with industrial adhesive cost.

Ready to get fair pricing for your Industrial Adhesive Application?