New Rose Gold Formoa – A Problem Solved

All Forgeway’s products start life as a response to a client’s problem. Whether it’s a product developed for a very specific customer application, or a hard-to-match coloured sealant, we pride ourselves on finding a solution for our clients. Our new Rose Gold colour swatch was no different.

In May this year, we were sent a sample of material from one of our aerospace clients, Jamco America. They use a coloured material for their interiors that they had previously been struggling to match with a sealant. The colour was a Metallic Rose Gold. Metallic colours are notoriously hard to match, the challenge was set. The product Jamco was having to use for the application was far from perfect. In order to get the correct colour, they had to mix paint with a clear sealant, thus voiding any guarantees from their supplier and rendering the sealant ineffective.

Within our Formoa range we now offer over 140 colours to match a variety of applications, with no diminution in performance, even in extreme conditions and demanding environments. Using our experience of colour matching we found a solution – adding a bespoke metallic pigment to Formoa crystal polymer base resulted in a perfect match. This new bespoke shade will now be listed as one of our Formoa Colours. If you have a colour that needs matching, come fly with us!

John Hatton, Manufacturing Engineer, Aircraft Seating at Jamco America, was delighted:
“Our customers, program managers, and production staff demand and expect quality from our aircraft interior products. We also operate under strict guidelines regarding the use of adhesives, sealants, and other possibly flammable consumable materials. Forgeway not only provided Jamco America with four off-the-shelf color-matched sealants for one of our high-volume products, but custom matched a metallic Rose Gold to the plated trim pieces of one of our highest-profile, most demanding customer’s interior. If it weren’t for Laila Buckley’s patient assistance in making the perfect match, we would be delivering a less-than-quality product. Not to mention that I’m patting myself on the back for finding what no-one else could – a company willing to go the extra mile to provide exactly the product we need no matter how precise we needed it.”