Product focus 001: Welcome to the colour revolution – FORMOA metallics

The Formoa Colours range now includes several metallic colours which have been specifically developed for those hard to match sealant applications where a flat colour doesn’t provide the desired depth. The range of metallic colours currently includes gold, silver, pyrite gold and azure blue.

Specially developed to cover a wide range of industries and applications including bonding and sealing joints on composite, GRP, polycoated steel, concrete, masonry, painted surfaces, flexible and rigid PVC/EPDM, etc. Formoa Colours is suitable for both internal and external use.

The technology we developed to produce the metallic arrange actually helped us deliver another solution for a customer. They wanted a very high gloss red sealant for application in a very demanding environment, but wanted the sealant to remain glossy regardless.

We utilised the same polymer base used to create our Formoa metallics with the addition of a red pigment was added. The result was a very high gloss product that even after QUV testing to ASTM G154 showed little if any reduction. That’s continuous development in application.