Product focus 002: FORMOA 760 – The answer to underbody protection and more

Over the years, many commercial and mass transit vehicle manufacturers have encountered issues with underbody and chassis protection materials. In response, Forgeway has developed FORMOA 760, a polymer-based coating material that is solvent and isocyanate free, fixing the issue of underbody protection with a few added benefits for our clients…

Issues around underbody and chassis protection materials usually involve the protector drying out, a short half-life, the need for recoating, and have to apply within an extracted area due to solvent content. Extensive masking of underbody parts is also required, meaning yet more time and money.

We don’t think protecting vehicles should be this complicated, so we created FORMOA 760 – a solvent and isocyanate-free coating material. It can be sprayed without fume or particle extraction with minimal overspray. This eliminates the need to mask underbody parts that do not need to be coated. FORMOA 760 also dries to form a tough, durable and protective layer (preventing water ingress and corrosion) with very good adhesion to metals, plastics and painted surfaces. It can be applied from 20 and 200 litre bulk containers, or from a 290ml cartridge via a simple-to-use air-powered gun. Typical coat weight is approximately 200gsm.

In addition, FORMOA 760 has excellent sound deadening qualities resulting in quieter vehicles. It has greater impact resistance, doesn’t dry and crack, has high specific adhesion, attracts no hazardous waste disposal costs and has excellent sound deadening qualities. When you’re looking for underbody protection, choose FORMOA 760.