Product Focus 003: Aerok 7205 1K Edge Filler does it all

Aerospace engineering is a dynamic industry. With regulations and standards changing regularly, it can be difficult to ensure aircraft compliance. Furthermore, engineers are continuously trying to make their aircraft as light as possible in order to reduce fuel consumption.

Currently, in order to ensure aircrafts are in step with the law, engineers must adhere to fire safety regulations – ABD 0031, the Airbus standard fire test, and FAR/JAR 25.853, the flammability requirement for aircraft interiors.

Forgeway are proud to offer our best-in-class Aerok range of structural adhesives, designed specifically for the aerospace industry. In particular, Aerok 7205 is a single component, heat cured, low density, void and edge filler based on modified epoxy technology and created specifically to meet the requirements of aircraft manufacturers, including ABD 0031 and FAR/JAR 25.853. It also has high specific adhesion to composite and metallic components typically found in aircraft construction.

In addition, Aerok 7205 is cured using elevated temperatures, enabling fabricators to achieve a fast turnaround for specific parts, and developed for application using bulk dispense equipment.

Ipeco Composites gives Aerok 7205 a big thumbs-up: “It’s used as our core filler of choice for our Aerospace interior products. Being a one part-heat curing filler, we find it easy to apply and exhibits excellent results following curing with low shrinkage, good stability and good machining characteristics.”