Product Focus 006: Formoa 017FE – The Adhesive that Flexes to your Needs

Of all our high strength Formoa products, Formoa 017FE is the unsung hero and backbone of the range. Due to its fast cure, high strength and impressive durability, 017FE is responsible for holding together a diverse range of over 50,000 vehicles worldwide. Not that you’d notice…

All over the world, on any given day, it is probable that you will come within a few metres of Formoa 017FE. The truck you pass on your way to work, the bus you take into town, the underground train beneath your feet, and the plane that flies overhead, all have something in common – they could be bonded with 017FE.

Formoa 017FE is a high quality, single component adhesive/sealant, with high grab and adhesive strength. It is based on MS Polymer®, chemically neutral and fully elastic. Its overriding feature is its elastic structural bonding making it ideal for the manufacture of coaches, caravans, truck bodies and aerospace industries, where a tough flexible bond is required.

Other key product characteristics and benefits include; the product is isocyanate, silicone and solvent free and carries minimal health and safety labeling. It is over paintable wet on wet and can withstand powder coating ovens up to 200°C for a limited period. Formoa 017FE also withstands extreme climatic conditions making it suitable for all environments.

So, if you need a world class adhesive capable of flexing to your needs, Formoa 017FE is the answer.