Product Focus 007: The unsung heroes

Adhesives provide solutions in the assembly of an almost infinite range of products worldwide. There are a multitude of ‘unsung heroes’ which play a key role in ensuring that these adhesives are fit for purpose, namely applicators and other accessories.

The 600ml foil pack applicator, the step-leg nozzle and the bonding packer all play a vital part in the correct application of adhesive, assuring maximum bond. In other applications, the 2K applicator and the mixer nozzle are needed to provide a correct mix ratio of part A and B, thus providing a fully functioning adhesive.

As an integral part of providing intelligent solutions here at Forgeway, we stock an extensive range of applicators and accessories, from pneumatic and manual to battery operated, 600ml to 50ml, 1 component or 2 component, 10:1 or 1:1 and many more.

Solutions aren’t limited to applicators either – we also stock a range of accessories to improve the application process further. Bonding packers, cartridge cutters, nozzles, clean-up wipes and glass suction clamps make up just some of the accessories available. For a full list of options and pricing, give us a call.