Product Focus 008: Formoa 066 For Sticky Tricky Plastics

Since development of its earliest form in the 1850s, plastic has been continually evolving, with new breakthroughs and innovations every year. Usage is exponentially growing and plastics have become a fundamental part of our everyday lives. From the car you drive, to the phone in your hand, to the freezer in your kitchen – plastic is something we would struggle to live without.

The choice of plastics available for a diverse range of applications is huge. Passenger vehicle manufacturers are always looking to reduce the weight of their vehicles for enhanced efficiency and plastics have made this possible.

However, with the many benefits of an ever growing range of plastics, there are always new challenges to overcome. One is matching a suitable adhesive. Bonding plastics often proves difficult due to their low surface energies. ABS in particular, has inert nitrile particles on its surface, meaning that the plastic has a low surface energy and is difficult to bond. But fear not. Forgeway continues to be at the forefront of adhesive bonding solutions, particularly for plastics that are difficult to bond.

Formoa 066 is a high-performance polymer based adhesive/sealant developed in response to specific customer problem – interior panels on several passenger carrying vehicles were proving impossible to bond with other adhesive technologies. After the fulfilment of the customer’s initial wish list, the test programme was completed and Formoa 066 was made available to the market.

If you want to use Formoa 066 on your tricky-to-bond plastics, get in touch.