Product Focus 009: Purok VX67-15

Our customers have been searching for a new way to disguise the bond line of components and composites without compromising on adhesion or production throughput. Enter VX67 – a unique hybrid structural adhesive with a long open time whilst maintaining a snap set fast cure speed.

Purok VX67-15 is a two component, hybrid toughened structural methacrylate adhesive designed for structural bonding of a wide range of solid surfaces, plastics, composites, quartz, granite and natural stone. Now available in any of your desired colours.

Developed after more than 15 years of manufacturing epoxy, polyurethane and Formoa polymer technology, the Purok VX67 series continues to gain recognition as an essential bonding solution.

This is not just another methacrylate adhesive on the market. The demand for very fast cure and high lap shear strength has inevitably resulted in severe witnessing and shrinkage as a result of high exotherm. This has led to no tenacity at the bond interface resulting in ‘cold crack’ and difficulty in achieving a good mix. With Purok VX67-15, these issues no longer need to be ‘lived with’ and accepted as the norm.

Purok VX67-15 is suitable for general purpose bonding of composite structures, metal brackets and GRP panels. It is fast curing and very easy to extrude whilst still being flow controlled. It has high bond strength and excellent chemical resistance with long term durability. Another feature, answering yet another of your bonding challenges, is that it can be colour matched to any colour reference or substrate.

If you are experiencing any current issues with bonding, we have bonding experts ready to help you please don’t hesitate to get in touch.