Product Focus 010: Formoa Surface Activator


Formoa surface activator is a specially formulated cleaner and activator combined in one system. Used extensively in vehicle manufacture for over 20 years. The formulation is specially balanced to be effective in all climates and environments.

For use on all non-porous substrates, metal/ composites/etc. Formoa Surface Activator cleans and etches the surface to promote adhesion and increase durability.

Formoa Surface Activator Usage Guide:

1 Remove any surface dust, swarf or heavy contamination
2 Before use ensure that the surface activator is ‘crystal clear’
3 Wipe in one direction only
4 Allow 10 minutes to flash off
5 The white residue is correct – it is the adhesion promoter
6 Apply the adhesive within 4 hours

Care Points:

1 Keep lids on containers when not in use – the product will hydrolyse with prolonged exposure to air and lose its effectiveness.

2 It is not a remover cleaner and should not be used on finished surfaces e.g. floor coverings, gel coat, laminate side casings, etc.

3 Change the surface of your lint free cloth after every linear meter