Bus and Coach

Are you a bus/coach builder? Welcome to the only dedicated manufacturer of adhesives for the bus/coach industry. Struggling with lightweighting? NVH? Corrosion? Build speed? Water Ingress? We can help you.

We work with some of the leading names in bus and coach manufacturing. All of our products have been developed in our onsite laboratories in response to industry led feedback. With our large range of products and our bespoke colour matching, our services is as flexible as our adhesives.

Forgeway specialise in solving problems for our customers. We find that most problems relating to adhesives are around either process or challenges with their current adhesives not being suitable for the specific purpose.

Our range of products designed with the bus and coach industry in mind; have been formulated, manufactured and quality checked by our team, utilising decades of global industry knowledge.

Our specialist range of products feature our unique colour coding system to help to minimise user error in a global multilingual industry.

Our products include:

  • Primerless glazing adhesives
  • Primerless panel bonding adhesives
  • Colour matched sealants allowing for pre-painted panels
  • Korfil floor fillers
  • MMA adhesives for composite bonding
  • A range of single and double sided tapes
  • Anti-corrosion sealants
  • Anti Stress-Crack adhesives
  • Application equipment

Looking to reduce build weight or reduce build time? get in touch today.