Silicone prices have rocketed – what’s going on?

If you’re a buyer of silicone sealants, you’ll notice the cost of these products has increased – some by over 60%!

Silicone sealants are made from Silicone metals, much of this is manufactured in China. The production of silicone metals in China has been cut by up to 90%, sending prices up 300% in just 2 months. Ironically Silicone metal is made from one of earths most abundant elements, making up 28% of the earths crust (by weight) as it is made by heating common sand in a Furnace.

What can I do about the silicone shortage?

In many countries, many window fabricators have already switched to polymer based sealants away from silicones, MS polymers offer the following benefits:

  • No staining – Silicones tend to leach silicone oil over time – particularly noticeable on aluminium window systems
  • Stronger – 4-5X stronger than silicones
  • No scent

What are the downsides to an MS polymer over a silicone?

  • Price – MS polymer used to be more expensive however, that may have changed due to shortages
  • Gunability – is there such a word? I don’t know, but silicones are easier to gun out – this isn’t a problem if you used a 25:1 ratio applicator gun or even better, go battery powered
  • UV stability – unfortunately construction grades of MS are generally made to a price, compromising so many properties seen in automotive grade MS polymers
  • Colour range – it isn’t as easy to find a range of colours, but possible never the less

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