Technical Insight 006: The True Cost of Corrosion

When we ask our customers in commercial vehicle manufacturing what their biggest challenges are, corrosion is always mentioned – corrosion of the chassis, side and body panels, or a breakdown of paint and powder coatings and so forth. It costs the industry billions of pounds every year in equipment failures, rejects, price reductions, credits and short life spans.

Not only is corrosion a financial threat, it’s a danger too. Almost daily, reports of tragic accidents and product failures can be linked back to corrosion somewhere along the line. Controlling corrosion is therefore key to a manufacturer’s continued success. And with the ever increasing push towards environmentally-friendly chemical treatments and primers, corrosion prevention has never been so problematic.

Corrosion occurs when a material is affected by an external factor – this could be oxygen, air, humidity or temperature, salt, precipitation, chemicals etc. You can eliminate corrosion with a protective layer that completely coats and protects the surface from its source.

A lot of our Formoa adhesives have been proven to protect metal at the bond interface, eliminating corrosion and ensuring a long term durable bond. Some of the latest generations of Formoa adhesives contain active ingredients that form a molecular layer of protection on metal surfaces, creating a protected environment when used in enclosed areas. Formoa AC formulations allow bus/coach manufacturers to reduce panel edge corrosion and eliminate corrosion in the panel/body side cavity.

Give us a call and we’ll work together to protect your vehicles from corrosion.