The New and Improved Antimicrobial

We’ve all experienced the frustration of watching mould slowly take over our bathroom. However you try to clean it it’s a pain and usually to no avail – within weeks, you’re back where you started. But mould is not an issue confined to the home – mould proves problematic for refrigerated truck builders and operators that transport products for human consumption.

The bewildering selection of sealants on the market which supposedly protect against mould makes finding the right ‘mould free’ product difficult. There is only one solution – Formoa Antimicrobial is yet another breakthrough in adhesive technology from Forgeway.

Formoa Antimicrobial’s (AM) formula is the result of an extensive R&D programme to find effective antimicrobial technologies that combat fungi, mould, bacteria and microbe growth on sealants and adhesives. Formoa AM is a high performance polymer blend that has been rigorously tested to ASTM G21 test (Standard practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi). It displays outstanding antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties and provides the following benefits:

1. Long-life integrity by creating a surface on which microbes cannot survive. The antimicrobial technology remains active for a long period of time. It also protects and maintains the high quality aesthetic by eliminating odours, staining and sealant degradation.
2. Significant reduction in microbe growth, with a reduction in the possibility of harmful growth on the sealant, preventing the spread of fungi, mould and bacteria. Microbe levels are reduced within 2 hours of coming into contact with Formoa AM.
3. It is now possible to have an antimicrobial sealant without compromising on looks! Already available in a rainbow of over 160 colours matched to a large range of RAL, NCS, BS and Pantone colour standards, we also offer bespoke colour options to match your substrates.

To find out how you can use our new and improved Formoa Antimicrobial in your business, give us a call!