What Are Anaerobic Adhesives?

Anaerobic adhesives are single component materials which cure in the absence of oxygen and in the presence of metal ions (iron or steel). If the adhesive is in contact with the air, the adhesives will not cure. When the adhesive becomes completed deprived of oxygen, the curing process begins rapidly.


  • Stability and consistency of performance
  • No need to prime inactive metals
  • Improved product reliability
  • Superior product output
  • Light weight
  • Enhanced finished product
  • Fast curing times
  • Easy to apply
  • Reduces corrosion risk
  • Reduces fastener fatigue
  • Removes the need for other fastening devices


  • Brittle
  • Limited gap filling
  • Cure rate is surface dependant
  • Can cause stress cracking on some thermoplastics
  • Expensive

Where can they be seen?

Thread locking
Challenging applications to fill spaces and surface irregularities
Mechanically connected assemblies
Thread sealants
Retaining materials; used to repair joints which were previously joined by a press fit
Pipe sealants
Gasketing; improving stress distribution