Why Are Costs Still Increasing On Polymer Based Adhesives?

Written by Caleb Shaw

Even in the last month alone, we have seen significant price increases – here’s why:

Firstly, to make a polymer based sealant, you need to blend a number of chemicals together in different stages. Due to the nature of these products, this requires high-tech machinery capable of mixing a high volume of products under high shear, as well as intense heating and cooling abilities.

All of the above processes use a significant amount of energy and as you well know, energy prices have risen significantly.

On top of processing costs, all raw material prices have increased. This includes polymer, fillers, silanes, packaging and transport costs.

What can I do about the price increases?

There may be some instances where a lower cost product is available, but even those manufacturers have been hit with increased raw material prices. In most cases, manufacturers are having to accept the price increase or risk supply issues. Until these determining factors return to the ‘usual’ price, I’m afraid not much is going to change!