Formoa Gb – Super Reliable Glass Bonding

Found in every continent of the world – bonding windows in people movers and road transportation – tens of thousands of vehicles, travelling more than 10 million miles per week, carrying more than 1 billion passengers per year.

The Formoa Gb range of adhesives are continuing to gain a reputation for successful bonding in transportation applications. A truly primerless adhesive bonding system that reduces build and total vehicle costs. For over 20 years Forgeway have led the market in producing primerless adhesives for bonding. Originally developed and launched in 2001, the Formoa Gb range has continued to maintain the critical balance between a simple process, end strength and long term durability.

The process is simply clean and bond. Easy to extrude at ambient temperatures with fast strength build up and cure. The high tack non-sagging formulations can support the largest of glass units found in modern vehicle manufacturing. Formoa glass bonding products can be used to bond many new generation “glass alternatives” giving huge potential in riot and custodial vehicles to increase protection and reduce weight. The lower shear modulus of the Formoa Gb product family ensures that any stress and strain are absorbed into the polymer matrix rather than transferred to the bond interface.

Never a company to stand still, and knowing there must be a solution to the lengthy and exacting processes associated with typical polyurethane technology glass bonding systems, Formoa Screen Extra 2 was developed. Formoa Screen Extra 2 is a fast curing glass bonding adhesive suitable for bonding and backfilling and meets the requirements of FMVSS212 2 hour drive away time/ double airbag test and the 1 hour NCAP. It provides the ultimate solution for both OEM’s and the aftermarket who desire excellent mechanical properties with a simple process and fast cure times.

All the Formoa Gb range allows manufacturers to simplify their processes; for one customer switching to Formoa meant 16 man hours per vehicle saved. Find out how much you could save.