Formoa® 090 is a single component moisture curing adhesive with high initial grab and high green strength, for bonding where an elastic structural joint is required. Its rapid cure allows parts to be handled a few hours after assembly.

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Technical Characteristics

Base MaterialMS Polymer
ConsistencyStable paste
Application Temperature+5°C to 35°C
Specific Gravity 1.4g/ml
SHORE A Hardness (DIN 53505) 55
100% Modulus (DIN 53504) 1,0 MPa
Tensile Strength (DIN 53504) 3,0 MPa
Tear Resistance (ASTM D624-73) 16kg/cm
Elongation at Break >400%
Skin Formation Time (*) 5 minutes (at 20-26°C / 50% R.H.)
Curing Time (*) 4mm (at 24 hours at 20°C / 50% R.H.)
Permanently Elastic at Temperatures(*) -40°C to +120°C
(*) These values may vary depending on environmental factors such as: temperature, moisture and type of substrates.


Formoa 090 is a single component moisture curing adhesive with high initial grab and high green strength, for bonding where an elastic structural joint is required.


  • Solventless and isocyanate free
  • Virtually no shrinkage
  • Elasticity unchanged at temperatures between -40°C and +120°C
  • Neutral reaction, odourless
  • Rapid curing that allows the parts to be handled a few hours after assembly
  • Excellent adhesion on glass and all sheet metals used in bodywork, galvanised sheet metal, aluminium and rigid PVC
  • Excellent resistance to aging and UV rays


  • Bonding of strengthening ribs on metal plates and fibreglass plates, and generally on most structures subject to continuous vibrations or between materials with very different thermal expansion
  • Bonding of metal, plastic and fiberglass substrates in the manufacture of mass transit vehicles
  • Assembly of insulating panels
  • Gluing of panels made of steel, painted metals, plastic laminate, uPVC and other plastics, to frames and metal structures
  • For bonding overlaps between metal sheets or metals and other surfaces onto which it is not possible to release weldings or mechanical fixings
  • For bonding metal profiles (U) onto glass, plastic sheets, metal panels in refrigeration industry, refrigerators, furnishing, means of transport

Method of use

Adhesion and surfaces preparation:

Formoa 090 has very good primerless adhesion, provided surfaces are free from grease, on steel, galvanised steel, anodised aluminium and aluminium, on painted surfaces in general, on wood, glass and glazed surfaces, polyester and uPVC.
For application under severe conditions, such as under extremely wet conditions, or on porous surfaces, the use of a suitable primer can improve adhesion of the sealant.
However, on metal and glass surfaces we recommend the use of Formoa Surface Activator.

Application of the adhesive:

Formoa 090 can be applied by a manual or pneumatic gun onto only one part. Join the parts together within 5 minutes. When compressed, the bond line thickness should not be less than 1-2mm, in order to allow the correct curing and best performance characteristics once cured.
Onto large surfaces the adhesive can be applied in parallel lines, 20-40cm apart.


Colour: White
Packaging:290ml Cartridge, 600ml Sausage
Formoa 090 600Ml Sausage

Shelf Life:

12 months from the date of manufacture if sealant is kept in a dry storage place at a temperature ranging from +5°C to +25°C.

Health and safety recommendations

  • As with all chemical produce avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Apply the usual industrial hygiene
  • Wear protective gloves
  • Consult the label for more information